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who are we?

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What we do

We are dedicated to research and development of the best airline optimization solutions. We design our solutions to help airline planners and schedulers analyze and fully understand the results.

Our beginning

Decisal was founded by leading research staff at Imperial College London. Our research was based on optimization projects from major European and American airlines. Find out more about the research group at Imperial College here.

Our leading research

Decisal's researchers have published numerous influential airline planning and scheduling optimization papers in peer-reviewed journals. They have achieved world-wide recognition, having received hundreds of citations by other authors.

Our partnership with IBM

Decisal is in partnership with IBM. Due to our commercial prosperity with airlines, IBM named Decisal as a global entrepreneur success story. Find out more here.

Meet us

We regularly attend airline industry conferences and we would be very happy to meet you there or at our offices in London, UK. To arrange for a meeting please contact us.