your departments working better together

your departments working better together

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Your challenges

Your airline's success relies on the quality of the decisions made by your network, maintenance, and crew departments. Each department strives to meet its own objectives and thus the decisions made are conflicting.

Existing incomplete solutions

All optimization solutions provided until now were forced to ignore these conflicts, in order to reduce computational complexity. As a result of this optimization separation, the corresponding management solutions were working in silos and were at best integrated via a common database or platform.

The ultimate solution: SchedulAir

Our innovative solution, SchedulAir, changes this. It offers Unified Management and Optimization which considers the interaction of all these conflicting decisions ensuring they are managed and optimized simultaneously. As a result it outperforms all competing solutions.

Unified Optimization: How much more profit increase?

SchedulAir has two optional Unified Optimizers: PlanUnified and SchedUnified. Please click below to see how much profit increase each optimizer offers:
Long-Term Short-Term

Unified Management: What are the benefits?

Smooth transition from planning to scheduling

SchedulAir is more than just a platform, it is a system with Unified Management. This means that planners can enrich their modeling with constraints that go beyond their typical grasp (e.g. slot constraints) in order to understand the consequences of their decisions at the scheduling stage. Likewise, schedulers can look back in the analysis of planners and better understand why and how certain decisions were taken and thereby improve schedule implementation quality.

Improved collaboration between and within departments

SchedulAir's Unified Optimizers simultaneously comply with the constraints and optimization goals set by different departments within an airline. This is more efficient than the sequential integration of other products, where different departments often have to go through several iterations to remove constraint violations and achieve a mutually agreed schedule.

Maximized overall resource utilization

SchedulAir's Unified Optimizers explicitly consider the constraints of several resources simultaneously (e.g. crew and aircraft), thereby maximizing the overall resource utilization. As a result, SchedulAir's aircraft and crew utilization is superior to that of other systems, whose fleet assignment disregards the consequences on aircraft and crew schedules.

Further information

Other benefits and features

SchedulAir has further benefits to airlines. To find out more please download our brochure (1.4MB):
SchedulAir brochure
Brochure (PDF)

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