minimize overall fleet & crew costs

minimize overall fleet & crew costs

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Your challenges

To run a profitable airline you must decide which fleet should fly each flight ensuring that at the same time maintenance and crew constraints are respected, and their costs are kept at a minimum.

Existing incomplete solutions

These decisions are complex and conflicting, and all solutions provided until now were forced to ignore these conflicts, in order to reduce computational complexity.

The ultimate solution: SchedUnified

Our innovative solution, SchedUnified, changes this. It accounts for the interaction of all these conflicting decisions. As a result it outperforms all competing optimizers.
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How much better and why?

Competitors   SchedUnified
profit increase up to
4% 6%
(as % of revenue)

this is what we do better
Fleet Assignment Fleet
Fleet Assignment
one-way interacting
Aircraft Maintenance Rotations (Created by Stephen JB Thomas from the Noun Project) Aircraft
Aircraft Maintenance Rotations (Created by Stephen JB Thomas from the Noun Project)
one-way interacting
Crew Pairing Crew
Crew Pairing
Competitors' optimizers (to reduce computational complexity) avoid the interaction of conflicting decisions by splitting them sequentially: the output of one decision is passed as the input of the next.
In contrast, SchedUnified has an efficient algorithm for the Unified Optimization of fleet & crew decisions. This algorithm simultaneously considers all constraints, costs, and revenues.

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How do we obtain more profits?

To answer this, consider how these decisions interact:
Fleet Assignment selects the fleet that maximize profits, i.e. revenue minus costs. Fleet Assignment interacting Crew Pairing However, a large component of the costs comes from crew who are usually restricted to fly specific fleet only.
Thus we can improve the crew costs by choosing the right aircraft type, at the right time, in the right place. Our competitors' one-way method cannot do this, since once the fleet decisions are taken the crew are forced to fly them.

Most importantly, we can simultaneously access both fleet and crew costs. This is the the only way to truly improve profits. In contrast, our competitors' sequential method separates these cost decisions.

Further information

Other benefits and features

In addition to profit increase SchedUnified has many further benefits to airlines. To find out more please download our brochure (804KB):
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